Service Excellence

At Utilities Traffic Management, client satisfaction is a crucial part of our business objective. Thus, we strive to maintain strong and enduring relationships with our clients by tailoring specifically to their needs. If any issues arrive, whether with our service or staff, management offers ready assistance in a speedy resolution of the matter.


Business objectives:

  • Remain flexible and cost efficient
  • Understand our clients needs and exceed their expectations
  • Meet the short or long term needs of our clients
  • Maintain an exceptionally well trained, highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • Assist clients in achieving a competitive edge and improve business performance
  • Exceed industry best standards
  • To be a market leader in the traffic control industry
  • Invoice our clients in all monthly safety meetings


At Utilities Traffic Management we have a firm belief that consistency on site is important in the efficient completion of a project. Therefore, if clients are satisfied with the personnel provided, we will endeavour to keep the same staff on site until the project has been completed.


Why are we Unique?


Industry Knowledge

Utilities Traffic Management has an operations team of both management and traffic controllers that have an in-depth understanding of the construction industry and environments in which they operate. We understand your needs from your perspective.

Organisational Skills

Our company structure allows our planners to meet our client’s needs with a sense of urgency. We provide a 24X7 service so whether it is planned, emergency, short or long-term work, we can assist you with your needs and goals. We pride ourselves on being able to provide call out crews within an hour of receiving notification from a client requesting a crew.


At Utilities Traffic Management, we have the necessary management skills to ensure all our staff are proud to be employed through our company, and motivated to work to their full potential. In addition, we are able to communicate with clients to ensure they are entirely satisfied with business conduct. We endeavour to create a strong line of communication to ensure client satisfaction and efficiency within the workplace.